Pierrot the Clown


To be truthful, i like art more than i do photography. But photography’s a beautiful thing, I’m very into the whole “beauty’s in the eye of the beholder” thing. Mainly because i’ve been told (by liar’s) I have bizarre taste.  Also I’m hugely devoted to fashion, i admire it, as weird as that may be. I think the thing itself is brilliant.

So, all in all, i just wanted to show you what i think is interesting. And i hope you like it, its also important that you comment and stuff like that, ok?

I also really like music (and poems), and i’m glad i’ve found a way to incorporate it into some of my posts. I realise I mess around with some of my posts, ones which are completely out of the blue, and have close to nothing to do with photography or fashion. And don’t look like a lot of work’s been put into ’em- heh. However, I do put effort into them. blood, sweat, and tears i tell you! and staying up to 4:30am looking for photo’s!? (i mean who does that?) So you better bloody-well not complain, and just enjoy! (Not that any of you have complained, it’s just i haven’t put a lot of effort into some [like 2% phfft!] and im sorry.) But i’ll get better, with more posts and what-not.

gratias ago vos 
ciao Bella 🙂

I’m just a ♫↓ 

… haha


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