Pierrot the Clown

June 4, 2011

Little Adults – ANNA SKLADMANN

i  originally found anna skladmann’s “little adults” in Marie Claire magazine, i found it extremely entertaining. SO NOW i will show you. HAHA!!

But first you must read the ‘plot’, otherwise the photos make no sense: ‘PLOT’: ( i’ll shorten it for you) This woman, anna, who lived in Russia, attended a masquerade ball with her parents in Moscow for the first time in 2000. “there was a table of young children there but they weren’t dressed up like kids at a carnival. They were dressed up like mini adults. their outfits! their demeanour, the way they were holding themselves! Even their movements were not like children. i found it fascinating.” although she was not yet studying photography, the idea took root.

Then, 7 years later (and now a fully trained photographer) she made her way into the deeply private room of the extremely rich. To photograph the wealthy children in their homes.


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